Live@Edu Campaign – Jordan University of Science and Technology | Academic year 2009/2010

Moh'd Jaradat (MSP of Al-Albayt) , Moh'd Arrabi (Microsoft DPE) and Me

Moh’d Jaradat (MSP of Al-Albayt) , Moh’d Arrabi (Microsoft DPE) and Me

Live@Edu is a Microsoft service that provides the Universities with “Live” services and features for their accounts and under their own domains .

For example :
My university e-mail is : ,it’s under the University domain but I can use Messenger/SkyDrive/Office and all MS services that comes with the normal e-mail since that Live@edu service is operated !

One of the posters that used to promote the Live@edu

One of the posters that used to promote the Live@edu

Me as a Microsoft Student Partner and my team plus the Computer center plus the IT faculty were responsible of promoting that service in the campus and between students in the academic year 2009/2010.
We delivered hundreds of posters and flayers that covered all the areas in the University , talked to a large number of students from different majors and faculties ,sent thousands of messages via e-mails , Facebook and mobiles as well , motivated the students to participate with many prizes presented by Microsoft Jordan .

In March 2010 , we organized an official live@edu event under the auspices of University president and Microsoft Jordan manager .

Talking to Rula Ammuri – Microsoft Jordan Manager

Two Microsoft Students Partners were besides me :

Microsoft Student Partners of AAU ,ASU and JUST (Moh’d Jaradat , Anas Rizeq and Me)

Many students awarded at the end of event 🙂

He used the Live@edu and got an award 🙂

Finally ,it was more than successful campaign, and since then thousands of students are using it .
Upon my successful role in this campaign Microsoft awarded me with a nice Lenovo IdeaPad , many thanks Microsoft Jordan 🙂

My Netbook besides my Notebook !

Other pics :

Microsoft Team : Rula Ammuri , Hikmat Khayat and Moh’d Arrabi
 I like the “MR” feeling important lol 😛

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