GGSN Network Engineer course – Ireland, Nov 2011

Dublin City Center

Dublin City Center

Was an amazing experience to be sent by Wataniya Mobile to attend the “GGSN Network Engineer” course at Ericsson Ireland Academy!. 

23 of November 2011; My Journey started by traveling from Jerusalem to Jordan, as usual once I arrived Irbid headed to Popeyes ! my favorite restaurant which I used to go (during BA study) with my close friends each Friday.

I spent some days in Irbid and Amman; Visited the University, met some professors and friends, passed by the “Open Lab”, many “Squares” and facilities, went to different kind of shops and places, my mind was totally flooded by more than 4 years of memories and flashbacks :).

The ZERO HOUR has arrived !, now I’m on the plane at 2:00 A.M , scared a little bit as it’s my 1st time :D,, I held my breath when the plane took off!, and I did so when it was facing some air pockets and when landed as well, and I was just thinking about my favorite TV shows FRINGE & LOST which both deal with plane crashes stories :(.

5 hours later, landed in Frankfurt Airport, had 4 hours break before Dublin flight,, was nice to wander the place and make some shopping, and Certainly didn’t miss the public HP PCs there!.

UK coasts

Boarded the plane on time,, was interesting to fly over the Atlantic ocean in the daytime when heading to Dublin!.

Well, I didn’t use to write long topics, so I’m gonna make it shortly as much as possible :D.

Anyway, I attended the “GGSN Network Engineer” course at Ericsson AcademyClonskeagh, in Burnatty class alongside with seven guys from: Bermuda, France, Belgium, Tunisia and Lithuania,, was very informative, we had a lot of fun and special thanks to the instructor Eng.DONAL O’SHEA 🙂
OK what the hell is the “GGSN” ?

GGSN stands to Gateway GPRS Supporting Node, it’s a complex node used in the “Packet Switching” part of the GSM network to Route packets from the SGSN to the Internet, simply it creates your Internet session when using 2G/3G services at your mobile.

What about SGSN? Stands to Serving GPRS Supporting Node, the 2nd main component of the GSM  Packet Switched Network, acts kinda interface between the GSM Circuit-Switched Network (radio cells) and the GGSN.

River Liffey

you wanna connect to the Internet using your mobile, your request goes through the Radio Serving Cell then toward the SGSN, the SGSN creates a session with the GGSN and forward some relevant data, the GGSN creates a session with the Internet and assigns some Network information to the mobile station: Private IP address, subnet mask and DNS.

If I wanna simplify, you can imagine the following: Mobile Stations equivalent to Network Hosts,, SGSN to Switch and the GGSN to Router!

Well, it’s a long story, so if you need more details or have any inquiries feel free to contact me :).

I stayed at the Burlington Hotel – Upper Leeson Street, spent 6 days in the country and I was freezing in Dublin!, felt like it’s in the end of the world!,, we used to make daily shopping in the city center after the class and unfortunately we had no time to go further from the capital.

Here I have some notes:

  • Dublin shops -and the city in general- close very early, around 7pm !, at  least in winter.
  • The Irish people are very nice and friendly.
  • They have cool accent, close to British, with some special phrases.
  • The steering of the vehicles on the right and the streets directions are swapped!, so I was about to be run over by cars many times as we are programmed to look at the Left when crossing streets not at right!!
  • Ireland has a nice nature, known as the “green country”.

Many thanks to Wataniya Mobile ! and Hope to repeat such visits 🙂

The outcome 🙂

Below are some random pictures, most of them taken by my colleague Ahmad who joined me later and had different training course.

Dublin city

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