“Implementing Cisco Quality of Service” course – Dubai , July 2012

Burj Alarab (towers of the Arabs)

Burj Alarab (towers of the Arabs)

Well, it’s been a while since my last post !, I know I’m not that active blogger, the story that I just like to write down the important things or experiences that I face, mainly for memory; so I can refer back for my topics anytime and certainly to share them with friends, family and everyone else.

Now, I’m gonna highlight on my 1st visit to Dubai/UAE, I’ve been there in July 2012 for around one week as I attended the “Implementing Cisco QoS” training course at FastLane training center.

First of all, I traveled from Jerusalem to Amman, I spent couple of days there; saw some friends and visited many places that I like such as the City mall, Popeyes restaurant! and many others.

Dubai Airport

On the day of the travel, I went too early to Queen Alia International Airport; so I could check-in early and be ready for my flight, BUT there was no seats close to window as the people booked them via the Internet so my plans were in vain!.

I traveled with Emirates airlines; the plane was “Boeing 777-200” I think and I can say that the service was great! :delicious food, games, music, movies, cameras views and nice cabin crew!, thus I enjoyed my two-hours flight with no boredom!.

Arrived Dubai airport, and headed to my hotel “Tulip-In” in the knowledge village area and the cool thing that I had kinda geeky view from my room:

Cisco Systems at the knowledge village

Well, the course was full five days dealing with Quality Of Service topics from A-Z, actually I was alone in the class! thus was very useful as the instructor kept talking to me and looking at my eyes; even I couldn’t have a second to check out my Facebook or play with mobile!.

The instructor called “Bassem Boshra” from Egypt, double CCIE! and I’d like to thank him for his efforts during the course.

Dubai Marina

During my stay I spent a lot of time with my dear friend Maher who I thank for everything especially for his family delicious banquet 😀

Tche Tche

I was interested to visit many attractions there such as Burj Al-Arab, Burj-Khalifa, Ibn Battuta mall, Dubai mall, mall of emirates , Atlatnis Palm Jumeira , Marina and many others. (attaching more pics below).

Burj Khalifa

Now I have some comments:

  • Dubai is a very modern city, kind of Middle-East hub of business.
  • It’s very hot there!, I don’t advise to visit in summer, OK everything has AC but you can’t go outside at the daytime and even annoying at night.
  • very expensive city.
  • despite the fact that Dubai is an Arab capital but you would speak English there most of the time! as most of the drivers, workers and sellers from different Asian nationalities.
  • Dubai metro is great!.
On the way back, I checked-in online to have a good seat close to window!, then spent some time at Dubai airport; bought some souvenirs and chocolate, had a coffee from Starbucks before flying back to Amman and then to Jerusalem!.
Ibn Battuta mall
Atlantis aquarium
Knowledge village

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