Fellowships experience Presentation – PIX Launch Event, Ramallah, Palestine, Sept 2015


with ISOC Palestine Board Members

Internet Society – Palestine Chapter and under the auspices of the ministry of Information Technology & communication organized an event to Launch Palestine Internet Exchange Point (PIX) in September 2th 2015 – Ramallah Cultural Palace, Palestine, more than 80 persons attended from all sectors which are related to the Internet & Technology (government, ISPs, civil society, students, IT companies).

Presenting about my experiences

Presenting about my experiences

I got advantage of such great gathering to present about my experiences of ICANN/ISOC fellowship programs which I attended in Los Angeles, Dallas and Buenos Aires during last year.

My target was to raise awareness about these programs, their importance and benefits, and to encourage everyone to participate to make sure that Palestine is always represented in such international events, moreover this is part of my commitment as ICANN/ISOC fellowships alumni to happily share what I’ve leaned with the local community :).

My presentation had the following parts:

  • Introduction about my previous participation.
  • ICANN tasks and structure.
  • ICANN meetings
  • ICANN Fellowship program.
  • Introduction about the global Internet Society and IETF.
  • IETF meetings.
  • The Internet Society to IETF meeting fellowship program.
  • Conclusion, which has the following four points:
    1.  These fellowships helped me to gain great knowledge and experience about the latest Internet technologies and protocols such as IPv6, DNSSEC and new TLD and many more
    2. I had the chance to network and interact with engineers, professionals and leaders from all over the world.
    3. I’ve got new friends from all over the world!.
    4. They were excellent chances to demonstrate and prove the Palestinian presence in such International events!.

To view the full slide please click here!


Dr.Allam Mousa, the minister of ICT is speaking

Dr.Allam Mousa, the minister of ICT is speaking

This was the 1st event that we organized as new board of Palestine Internet Society – Palestine Chapter, its main purpose was to officially Launch Palestine Internet Exchange Point (PIX).
What’s an Internet Exchange Point?

An Internet Exchange Point, or IXP as it’s known in the world of the Internet, is a piece of equipment that helps keep all the data that you produce move across the Internet faster and at a lower cost by connecting local traffic directly (without going through the Internet cloud). For businesses or organizations, it means there’s now a place where they can come together to connect their technology and exchange. This also helps them save cost boost the speed in which data flows across the wires that make up the Internet.

More details to be added soon.

Some pics from the event:


IMG_2246 IMG_2330

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