Travel & Tech talk – Jerusalem Spirit Group event, Jerusalem, Palestine, Dec 2015


I had the pleasure to present and speak about my Travel & Technology journey in Jerusalem Literary Salon – The Educational Bookshop !, the talk was part of the Youth Dialogue that we (as Jerusalem Spirit Group) organized.

Who’s Jerusalem Spirit Group?

It’s a group of young Jerusalemite people, who are coming from different cultural, professional & scientific backgrounds, it aims to create a new model to develop our society based on modern ideas by organizing events to share the knowledge and experience with the local community, as well as to draw attention to talents & capabilities of Jerusalem people!.


This event was the second Youth Dialogue that we organized and we’ll keep organizing such events on Saturdays.

Definitely, I got advantage of such awesome group and gathering to share the Travel & Technology experience that I gained in the past years during employment, and I focused on the ICANN/ISOC fellowship programs that I attended in Los Angeles, Dallas & Buenos Aires to benefit everybody, and I promoted 2016 opportunities to encourage people to participate.


Back in 2011, I started my Travel & Technology journey by attending a short training course in Dublin arranged & sponsored by my Wataniya Mobile Palestine to work on a related project, this unprecedented experience was like a cultural & technological shock! and I figured out that this combination (Travel & Technology) is the best thing to do in life!.

After that, I was always seeking to get courses abroad and everything was fine till the beginning of 2014 where my courses through employer “ran out”! , which was a motivation to seek new opportunities to sponsor new travels :).

I digged in and finally got to know ICANN & the Internet Society organizations and their fellowship programs, my first participation was ICANN51- Los Angeles and was like a turning point in life that opened the door to get many fellowships afterwards!.

All my previous experiences are already documented, here I’m sharing again:

The audience were happy with my presentation and I was satisfied to spread the word of ICANN & The Internet Society programs!.

(click here to download my slides).


The next presentation “Psychological adjustment with traumatic events” By Sajedah Abed who gave us important tips to overcome traumatic events that we face on daily basis in our country!.


Finally, Shadi Shqerat presented about “Jerusalem beauty is part of our duty” who shared with us important instructions to maintain the beauty of our city and report any issues immediately!.

With Kind Regards,
Osama Tamimi | Jerusalem, Palestine

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