• Hello!, I’m Osama Abedelwadud Tamimi, Palestinian (Jordanian Passport), was born in Jerusalem 1988,.
  • I’m Self-Employed Senior Network and Security Engineer with proven experience in the industry. 
  • I hold a Master’s degree in Cyber Security from Fort Hays State University, Kansas-USA (May 2021). And a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Jordan University of Science & Technology (Feb 2011).
  • I’m passionate about technology, Interested in Computer Networks and security; achieved many certificates in the field: CISSP, CEH, ECIH, CCNP x2 (Security, Enterprise), IPv6 Security Expert, Security+, PCAP and IPv6 Analyst. I’m also globally ranked in top 1% at TryHackMe platform.
  • I attended intensive training courses related to IP and Computer Networks in UAE, Ireland, Russia, Netherlands and USA.
  • I was awarded eight Fellowships where I participated successfully in the following international events:
    • IGF2021, Katowice, Poland. Dec 2021.
    • ICANN61, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA, Mar 2018.
    • ICANN58, Copenhagen, Denmark, Mar 2017.
    • ICANN57, Hyderabad, India, Nov 2016.
    • ICANN55, Marrakech, Morocco, Mar 2016.
    • ICANN53, Buenos Aires, Argentina – June 2015.
    • IETF92, Dallas, TX, USA – March 2015.
    • ICANN51, Los Angeles, CA, USA – October 2014.
  • Moreover; I love travel, music and sport.

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