CyberSecurity Graduate Crosses the Atlantic to Attend FHSU Commencement- Hays, Kansas, USA. May 2021

Graduate Osama Tamimi, right, from East Jerusalem, Palestine, pictured with his Fort Hays State University advisor, Jason Zeller, at last weekend’s FHSU commencement.
With his Fort Hays State University advisor, Jason Zeller

A lot of graduates from Fort Hays State University participated in the online commencement ceremony this year because of the pandemic. But Osama Tamimi decided long ago he would attend his graduation from FHSU, even if it meant making the long trek from the Middle East to the middle of the United States.

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ICANN61 ISP On-Boarding Program- San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mar 2018


San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

It was another great experience of ICANN!, unfortunately I didn’t write detailed blog as always. Anyway, the conference was awesome, we had too many discussions around the GDPR and other topics. The meetings with the ISPCP constituency were also inforamtive.

Puerto Rico is great!, the beaches are breathtaking, food is delicious, people are nice, music is unforgettable (Despacito!) and it’s still part of the USA, so I made a big Amazon order as always :).

Fellowships experience Presentation – PIX Launch Event, Ramallah, Palestine, Sept 2015


with ISOC Palestine Board Members

Internet Society – Palestine Chapter and under the auspices of the ministry of Information Technology & communication organized an event to Launch Palestine Internet Exchange Point (PIX) in September 2th 2015 – Ramallah Cultural Palace, Palestine, more than 80 persons attended from all sectors which are related to the Internet & Technology (government, ISPs, civil society, students, IT companies).

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ICANN53 Fellowship experience – Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jun 2015

Middle East region fellows

Middle East region fellows

I participated and represented Palestine in ICANN53 week in Buenos Aires – June 2015 as a part of ICANN fellowship program, I gained more knowledge, experience about ICANN and various technical topics related to the Internet, I had the chance to network and interact with professionals from all over the world, I met old and new friends and had much fun, the experience was really extraordinary and worth sharing with everyone :). Continue reading