Internet Society to IETF92 Fellowship – Dallas, Texas, USA, Mar 2015

IETF Fellows group picture

IETF Fellows group picture

It was another amazing experience to be part of The Internet Society to IETF meeting Fellowship program which was held in Dallas, Texas, USA on March 2015, we had an intensive week full of knowledge and technology!.

  • About the fellowship program:

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ICANN 51 Fellowship story – Los Angeles, USA, Oct 2014


ICANN51 Fellows, Los Angeles

I had the privilege of attending ICANN51 event last October in Los Angeles as a fellow from Palestine, it was an amazing experience where I gained much knowledge, made new connections and friends from all over the world and had lots of fun, here I’m documenting the whole story & I hope that everyone benefits!. Continue reading

CCIE Routing & Switching Bootcamp – NC, USA, Feb-Mar 2014


Capitol Hill, Washington D.C

Today I’m gonna document my best experience ever which is my recent Business & Pleasure trip to the USA!.

First of all, I was really looking to visit and explore the USA, very enthusiastic to make it, but on the other hand I had some concerns such as the time difference, first entry to the USA, long flight to get there, safety concerns, driving and last but not least my first name issue!. Continue reading